Video-Text Synchronization

Litigation Support Services is the only court reporter in Cincinnati, Dayton or Northern Kentucky that you should use to provide your video-text synchronization (digital video transcripts). Why, you ask? Because it is


Litigation Support Services provides you a free video-text synchronization when you order a copy of both the steno & video recordings of your deposition. While other firms charge you hundreds of dollars to sync your deposition, Litigation Support Services is the only court reporter in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky that provides you with a free video-text synchronization when you order our steno and video services.

Yeah, It's Free, But Why Do I Need It?

Plain and simple, once you experience Litigation Support Services Real Legal Publisher Bundle, you will wonder what you ever did without it. In one self-contained bundle you will have the following:

E-Transcript, including full-sized transcript, condensed transcript, and fully-searchable word index.

Digitally scanned and hyperlinked exhibits.

Fully synched video deposition that plays directly with the transcript

Video-Text Synchronization Benefits

Everything you need is contained in one file at your fingertips

Never lose an exhibit again!  How many times have you fumbled through your files looking for an exhibit. Now all you have to do is click a link and your exhibit appears on your screen.

Create video clips for your experts' review, your adjuster or to use in trial simply by highlighting the transcript text and clicking a button.

Be able to evaluate witness demeanor with video rather than just seeing the words of the transcript.

Easily import transcript and video into digital trial systems for use in court.

Video-Text Synchronization Formats

Litigation Support Services can deliver your video-text synched transcript in both major formats, Real Legal's Publisher Bundle and InData's DepoView format.


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