Video Enhancement

It's unfortunate, but we see it every day. As more and more of society becomes familiar with video cameras, more and more people decide they can enter the legal video field.  Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

Time and again, attorneys run into a legal videographer using sub-standard equipment and with little knowledge of the field of legal videography. What may have come at a cheaper initial price, ends up being a video of such bad quality that it is unusable.

However, with our computerized digital editing suites, Litigation Support Services can enhance the quality of your sub-standard video and audio tapes. From botched depositions to surveillance tapes to telephone and secret audio recordings, Litigation Support Services has the ability to enhance the quality of bad recordings to a manageable level.

Now we can't work miracles, some audio and video tapings are beyond our help. We'll let you know with a complimentary 1-2 minute test run. However, most tapes can be enhanced to a level of quality that will be usable in a courtroom setting.

If you have a video that needs to be rescued, give Litigation Support Services a call and let us work our magic for you.


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