Video Editing

Litigation Support Services is the only firm you should call when you need editing done on your legal videos.  Using only the highest end professional editing system, you are assured that you will have the best output from our editing suite.

Using our professional non-linear editing systems, Litigation Support Services has the ability to meet all of your legal video editing needs. From editing out objections for courtroom playback to repairing inferior video, Litigation Support Services has helped attorneys nationwide to present their video evidence in the best format.

Litigation Support Services combines our video and digitization facilities and talents to provide complete post-production services. All work is done on computers using the highest quality digital technology available. Brodcast quality output is provided in any video format (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) and any playback medium (Disk, Beta, VHS, CD, DVD)

The highest quality video editing equipment is used to provide frame accurate editing to 1/60 of a second for slow-motion playback. When poor quality recordings need to be salvaged into a higher generation quality, our editing capabilities and equipment allow us to do the job quickly and cost effectively.


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