Settlement Videos

Litigation Support Services helped to pioneer the use of settlement videos in the 1970's. Hundreds of attorneys from around the country have used Litigation Support Services to produce settlement brochures for their clients.

The settlement brochure, in its best form, is used to effectively communicate the "missing piece of the puzzle" to opposing counsel so they can make sound decisions about settling a case. All attorneys know what their experts and the opposing experts will say. What they don't know is the most important factor, how your client and witnesses will tell their story on the stand.

When it comes to a settlement video and obtaining the best outcome for your client, do not be tempted to settle for a local company that says, "Yeah, we can do something like that for you." Experience in the legal arena is crucial when the outcome is so important to your client.  Litigation Support Services has the most experience in producing Settlement Videos, hands down. Litigation Support Services has produced settlement videos for clients in all 50 states, comprising numerous jurisdictions and also presented on the effective use of these videos at numerous state and national legal conventions and seminars.

When your client's case is on the line, go with the experts, Litigation Support Services Settlement Videos. Click below to view some representative work of Litigation Support Services Settlement Videos.


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