Real-Time Reporting

If you have the need for real-time court reporting in Cincinnati, OH or Dayton, OH, then you will want to have Litigation Support Services provide the court reporter for your next deposition.

Litigation Support Services can provide real-time reporting for you  deposition in either of two formats: Stenograph's CaseViewNet or Real Legal's LiveNote.

Unlike other court reporting firms, Litigation Support Services does not charge extra for real-time reporting.  Our policy is that, in order to benefit from our real-time court reporting services, you must order a copy of the transcript. While other firms charge an extra $1.00 or $2.00 per page for real-time court reporting services, this transcript commitment is minimal compared to the additional fees charged by other firms for real-time services, thereby saving clients hundreds of dollars. It's just one more example of how Litigation Support Services provides you more for your deposition dollar.


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