Litigation Support Services offers the newest and best eDiscovery solution to Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky attorneys. DISCO ediscovery is the future or eDiscovery, try it today!

Law firms choose DISCO eDiscovery because it's fast, easy and cuts their costs in half

Reduces costs by 50%

Significantly reduces eDiscovery costs at a time when clients are demanding lower pricing.

10 times faster

Disco delivers 1/3 second search and 1/10 second document navigation. That’s 10x faster than competing products on even the largest multi-TB datasets.

All-in-one solution

Disco lets you perform everything from your desk with three screens: search, review, production. Easy, intuitive interface is consistent across all projects.

No software / hardware expense

Disco Software-as-a-Service means you don't have to buy, install and maintain software or hardware - a huge savings in time and expense.


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