E-Transcripts have become the standard for electronic transcript delivery in the court reporting industry. However, did you know that many court reporting firms charge you for this service? Well, not Litigation Support Services! In fact, we go one step further.  Litigation Support Services is the only court reporting firm in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky that provides an E-Transcript Bundle FREE OF CHARGE with every transcript we produce. We challenge you to find another Cincinnati, Dayton or Northern Kentucky court reporter that provides this service.


You may ask, What is an E-Transcript Bundle?  Basically, it's an E-Transcript on steroids. Not only do you get all the features of an E-Transcript, but we also digitally scan and hyperlink every exhibit in the deposition. This way, you will never lose an exhibit again. Wherever the exhibit is mentioned in the  transcript, you can click on it and open a PDF copy of the exhibit right on your computer.

E-Transcript Bundle Advantages

 - Transcript Format Retained

 - 100% Secure and Tamperproof

 - Certified with Secure Digital Signature

 - Allows printing of Full-Size, Condensed & Word Index

 - Hyperlinked searchable word index

 - Imports directly into all major digital trial programs,

including Livenote, Trial Director and Sanction

 - Contains hyperlinked digital copies of all exhibits

 - Can be synchronized with video for FREE


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