Digital Trial Presentation

Digital trial presentation, simply put, it is the best way to present at trial. Litigation Support Services has built it's business around the digital trial, from the digitization of every subpoena we serve, to the FREE video-text synchronization included on every deposition.

Litigation Support Services pioneered the digital trial in Greater Cincinnati in 1992 when we outfitted the federal courthouse with a digital trial system. Since then we have assisted in thousands of digital trials nationwide.

Our entire operation is built around the digital trial. From start to finish, all work is created or converted to a digital format.  All videos are recorded digitally in High Definition, and all transcripts are digitally synced with their video along with all exhibits being scanned and digitally linked to the transcript.

Our preferred method of trial presentation is via Trial Director; however, if your firm uses a different software solution, we can provide files tailored to your needs.

Not only do we provide complete trial presentation services, but we also provide training for your staff and back-end support should you want to run your digital trial yourself.

Give Litigation Support Services a call for your next trial and let us show you the many benefits of presenting a digital trial to your jury.


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