Day-In-The-Life Videos

Day-In-The-Life Videos, when produced correctly, can be a major contributor to the success of your case. The video should show the jury not just what happens during the victim's day, but also how it affects the victim and his or her loved ones. A quality Day-In-The-Life video must have a true beginning and end, and when done correctly, should make the jury forget there is a camera in the room.

Litigation Support Services has been producing Day-In-The-Life videos for over 35 years. In fact, we have been producing Day-In-The-Life videos longer than any of our competitors have been in business. If you are looking for the highest quality production from the most experienced producer you need not look further than Litigation Support Services.

We work closely with all people involved to make the process as effective and also as painless as possible. Our Day-In-The-Life videos effectively show a victim's daily life while conforming to the court's strict rules of evidence. In over 35 years, Litigation Support Services has never had a Day-In-The-Life video rejected by any court.

Over the past 35 years, Litigation Support Services has produced hundreds of Day-In-The-Life videos documenting the struggles and successes of injured victims.  Click below to see representative samples of our work and what our vast experience can provide for you and your client.


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