Courtroom Playback

Litigation Support Services has provided courtroom playback services to Greater Cincinnati attorneys since our founding in 1971.  Our original playback equipment consisted of reel-to-reel projectors and projection screens.  We led the industry back then, and we continue to lead the industry today.

Today, the technology has obviously changed dramatically; however, who you should call for your playbacks has not.  Litigation Support Services still leads the industry in all facets of litigation support including courtroom playback.

If you have DVDs or VHS tapes, playback can be made directly from your disk or tape. Litigation Support Services is the only Cincinnati Court Reporting firm that has the ability to perform on-the-fly editing, eliminating both the audio and video from the jury, while allowing the judge full view of the deposition being edited in real-time.

While editing on the fly is a viable option, the best courtroom playback is achieved when your depositions are edited prior to playback.  This allows a smooth, uninterrupted playback of your deposition and eliminates the "what are they hiding from me" that pops into jurors' heads when they see a black screen during on-the-fly editing.

Do you want the highest quality playback possible to put yourself a step above your opposition during trial? If so, you should use Litigation Support Services from the start for your depositions.  We record all depositions in high definition and retain digital files of all recordings. This allows us to edit, output and play back your depositions in high definition via our digital playback equipment.


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