2-D & 3-D Animation Services

Sometimes, the ability to show what happened in an accident or demonstrate the inner-workings of a product is no physically possible with video. At this point, you can rely on Litigation Support Services' animation services to effectively convey your message to a jury.

Litigation Support Services, using both 2-D and 3-D animation, can show your jury the intricacies of a situation when video just can't do the job. Both 2-D animation and 3-D animation have advantages and disadvantages. Call the experts at Litigation Support Services today, to discuss the needs of your next project and see if animation is a viable option.

Litigation Support Services 2-D Animations

Using 2-D Animation, Litigation Support Services can illustrate the specifics of your clients situation without raising your costs significantly over video compositing.

Litigation Support Services' 2-D animations can have a profound impact on jurors. They allow the juror to see a simulation of what occurred, which might not be possible with straight video alone.

Litigation Support Services' 2-D animation abilities allow your exhibits to show the jury exactly what they need to see to understand your case. When combined with video footage, these 2-D animations make a great visual for the jury.

Click below to see a variety of examples of Litigation Support Services' 2-D Animations.

Litigation Support Services'
2-D Animation Samples

Litigation Support Services 3-D Animations

Litigation Support Services has been producing animated accident reconstructions & medical simulations for lawyers since 1991. Our animations have contributed to record verdicts for attorneys and their clients.

We work closely with all three parties involved, the client, the attorney, and the expert witness. All work is closely supervised by the expert witness to ensure that it withstands the highest scrutiny by the court. Our animations have been used in a wide variety of cases including, but not limited to, medical malpractice, personal injury, patent, and wrongful death.

At Litigation Support Services, we understand that animations are expensive and not cost feasible for all cases. We provide a free initial consultation to discuss the case and determine the best way to present your case to the jury. We would much rather have a satisfied client than a animation that is too much for the case.

Click below to see a variety of examples of Litigation Support Services' animated accident reconstructions.

 Litigation Support Services'
3-D Animation Samples


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